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Hello there, I'm Eevis

Software developer, speaker, ultimate frisbee player


Hey! My name is Eevis, and I'm a software developer from Finland. My favourite technologies right now are React, TypeScript, GraphQL and Clojure.

I love sharing what I have learned, and one of the best moments of my career have been those, when I've helped someone to get excited about programming. I've been part of teams organizing beginner level coding workshops, and also have done some talks in local meetups.

When not coding, I play ultimate frisbee in national level, and participate in the decision making in Finnish Flying Disc Association, or explore the waters around where I live by kayak.




Futurice Tech Weeklies 15.5.2020

GraphQL, you're intuitive and flexible, we'll be friends

Slides open_in_new

LevelUp-koodarit afterwork 12.5.2020

GraphQL, you're intuitive and flexible, we'll be friends 19.2.2020

Getting started with your dev career open_in_new

React Community-meetup 30.1.2020

Local state management with Apollo Client

React Community-meetup open_in_new

The talk on Youtube open_in_new

Slides open_in_new

Selected projects's homepage

I have been helping to implement the webpage of webpage open_in_new

Source code open_in_new

Ultimate frisbee CSS-animations

Some ultimate frisbee plays demonstrated as CSS-animation.

Ultimate frisbee CSS-animations open_in_new

Source code open_in_new

COVID-19 in Finland

A small app to track COVID-19 situation using open data from Helsingin Sanomat

COVID-19 in Finland open_in_new

Source code open_in_new