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Hello there, I'm Eevis

Software developer, speaker, ultimate frisbee player


Hey! My name is Eevis, and I'm a software developer from Finland. Things I love to work with are React, TypeScript, GraphQL, accesibility-related things and CSS. Also, I am CPWA - Certified Professional in Web Accessibilityopen_in_new

I love sharing what I have learned, and one of the best moments of my career have been those, when I've helped someone to get excited about programming. I've been part of teams organizing beginner level coding workshops, and also have done some talks in local meetups.

When not coding, I play ultimate frisbee in national level, and participate in the decision making in Finnish Flying Disc Association, or explore the waters around where I live by kayak.



Past talks

Selected projects

Virtual cat in profile README with Github actions

There is a automatically updating cat in my profile README! You can pet her too (if you have a github account) 🐱

Source code open_in_new